Exalted Rulers Message:

We have someone who needs our help.  He is 4 year old Nicholas DeLaurentis.  Nicholas has a brain tumor that his insurance company will not pay for because the treatments are considered experimental.  The cost for these treatments are $9600.00 per month.  We are trying to help defer these costs by running comedy shows May 18th and 19th.  Once again Bob Gonzo will be putting the show together for us so it promises to be a great affair.  Let's all show what Elkdom is about by coming out to these shows and supporting this worthy cause.  What better way to help someone out in need by having fun doing it.

We   had a nice turn out for our Tribute to Elvis.  Once again Jim Barrone put on a great show.  Thanks again to everyone for their hard work.  Let's Keep it UP!!!!!

Wildwood is right around the corner.  I hope everyone going down is planning on marching.  If you have any questions please see one of the parades committee people and they would be happy to help you.

We still are down below 200 members.  Come up to the Lodge and bring a friend or two.  As you can see we are starting to have some successful events up there.  Not only are they fun to attend but they are also a lot of fun to put together.  Maybe if we bring some friends to these events it could spark their interest to become a member.

Our Pancake Breakfast last pancake breakfast for the year will be May 13th Mother's Day.  Let's all come up and support this finale breakfast.  Kitchen help has been thin this year and with this being the traditionally the biggest one of the year we could use everyone's help.

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